Hint of Colors

Feel the magic with hint of colors.


Products Featured :

Elora Top IDR 210

Santana Dress IDR 275

Dimitri Top IDR 200

Wenly Dress IDR 275

Francis Romper IDR 285




Nature Waterfall

Nature Perfection at Its Finest.


Products Featured :

Dalton Top IDR 200

Dolce Dress IDR 275

Ethan Dress IDR 275

Grady Blouse IDR 225

Isadora Dress IDR 295




Beaming Elegance

Check out our newest collection!


Products Featured :

Ferrera Dress IDR 295

Janice Dress IDR 265

Nami Dress IDR 275

Quentin Top IDR 225

Uriel Top IDR 225




Daybreak Essentials

Check out our newest collection!


Products Featured :

Christy Top IDR 225

Gilmor Top IDR 225

Hanny Top IDR 200

Jade Top IDR 200

Johanna Dress IDR 275

Juventia Dress IDR 265

Naomi Romper IDR 265

Renata Romper IDR 275





Light & Breeze

Check out our newest collection!


Products Featured :

Efrata Dress IDR 265

Rosette Dress IDR 275

Oprah Dress IDR 295

Fedora Top IDR 200





Casually Glamour

Your casual style with a touch of glamour.


Products Featured :

Rafflesia Top IDR 225

Audrey Skort IDR 220

Oksana Jumpsuit IDR 295

Yasya Dress IDR 275

Warren Romper IDR 275

Florentine Jumpsuit IDR 275




Spring Pastels

For the love of pastels. Every piece you'll need in your wardrobe!


Products Featured :

Angeline Jumpsuit IDR 275

Emily Top IDR 225

Maurice Dress IDR 275

Mulan Top IDR 200

Vienna Top IDR 200




At Ease

Relaxed and comfortable basics collection


Products Featured :

Imelda Blouse IDR 235

Stacey Dress IDR 275

Venice Blouse IDR 200

Zumi Palazzo Pants IDR 260





Living the life with simplicity


Products Featured :

Madison Dress IDR 275

Meghan Blouse IDR 235

Justin Romper IDR 275




Shop by Style: Playful Dates

A collection full of playful styles for your dates


Products Featured :

Tammy Blouse IDR 175

Aleena Top IDR 120

Bella Dress IDR 200

Rafaela Top IDR 150

Vonney Skirt IDR 120

Bernice Top IDR 120

Tiara Romper IDR 200

Marieta Dress IDR 200

Perry Top IDR 200




Shop by Styles: Office Style Update

Not your ordinary office look


Products Featured :

Rory Blouse IDR 225

Georgia Shirt IDR 175

Ezra Dress IDR 200

Blythe Top IDR 150




Timeless Classics

Check out our newest collection


Products Featured :

Antoneta Dress IDR 285

Belinda Romper IDR 275

Cyrus Dress IDR 275

Joey Top IDR 200

Lisbeth Top IDR 210

Luna Dress IDR 295

Stefani Dress IDR 275




Authentic Chic

Check out our newest collection


Products Featured :

Catalina Dress IDR 265

Kevin Dress IDR 250

Samantha Top IDR 220

Sanny Blouse IDR 210

Tessa Dress IDR 250

Tirza Dress IDR 250

Matthew Romper IDR 285




Neutral Flow

Check out our newest collection


Products Featured :

Agnes Dress IDR 265

Cassey Top IDR 225

Moona Blouse IDR 200

Jilly Top IDR 210

Caroline Dress IDR 265




Romantic Shades

Check out our newest collection


Products Featured :

Atria Dress IDR 285

Eunice Dress IDR 265

Odette Top IDR 220

Jeanette Top IDR 200

Lorraine Top IDR 210




Blend in Basics

Check out our newest collection


Products Featured :

Brandon Top IDR 220

Giselle Dress IDR 265

Rosanne Dress IDR 250

Olivia Dress IDR 265

Fanya Top IDR 200

Ivy Skirt IDR 250




Sleek Sophistication

Check out our newest collection


Products Featured :

Ophelia Top IDR 210

Patrice Pants IDR 250

Nafa Dress IDR 275

Philemon Dress IDR 265

Wilda Dress IDR 275

Juliet Romper IDR 295

Winola Top IDR 200




Flourish & Bloom

Shop the new year essentials


Products Featured :

Daniela Dress IDR 250

Mandarin Dress IDR 275

Sharon Romper IDR 260

Donna Dress IDR 275

Mischa Top IDR 225

Felly Romper IDR 275

Rosemary Top IDR 215




Nouveau Départ

New Year. Fresh Start.


Products Featured :

Jubilee Dress IDR 260

Vonda Dress IDR 275

Rebecca Set IDR 350

Josiah Top IDR 225

Rachel Top IDR 215

Ambrosia Dress IDR 360

Chloe Dress IDR 275




Lumiere de Noel

Shop the perfect collection of the season


Products Featured :

Zaneta Dress IDR 285

Tatiana Dress IDR 275

Moza Dress IDR 275

Ursula Dress IDR 260

Tamara Jumspuit IDR 260




Dreaming of Christmas

New collection full of wonderful styles


Products Featured :

Mermaid Dress IDR 275

Yancy Dress IDR 250

Marcia Romper IDR 260

Yolanda Top IDR 225

Tanaya Top IDR 215

Patrice Pants IDR 250

Hilda Pants IDR 250

Ribka Skirt IDR 225

Reggie Skirt IDR 225





(n.) beautiful thinking; a well mind


Products Featured :

Gladys Dress in Pink IDR 250

Erica Top in Blue IDR 225

Landon Dress in Dusty Pink IDR 275

Dennise Blouse in Pink IDR 210

Gabriel Tanktop in Nude IDR 225

Noah Top in Blue IDR 200

Corine Dress in Navy IDR 250

Hazel Dress In Dark Denim IDR 295

Camden Vest In White IDR 320

Isla Romper in Black IDR 260

Harper Blouse in Creme IDR 200




Last Summer

When all at once, summer collapsed into the beautiful fall


Products Featured :

Cindy Top in Pink IDR 200

Mariah Top in Dusty Green IDR 200

Lucia Dress in Blue Striped IDR 235

Logan Top in Black IDR 200

Simone Dress in Dusty Pink IDR 250

Penny Blouse in Grey IDR 185

Rubben Skirt in Dusty Pink IDR 200

Bradley Skort In White IDR 200

Courtney Top In Blue Striped IDR 200

Raleigh Pants in White IDR 250

Charlotte Top in Blue IDR 200

Alona Dress in Light Denim IDR 250




Earth Tones

Muted and flat in an emulation of the natural colors seen around us.


Products Featured :

Cassandra Dress In Emerald IDR 250

Tabitha Dress In Green IDR 185

Agatha Vest In Khaki IDR 250

Elaine Blouse In White IDR 210

Lexy Top In White IDR 200

Percy Skort In Black Striped IDR 200

Aida Culottes Jumpsuit In Grey IDR 250

Bradley Skort In White IDR 200

Connor Top In Black IDR 200

Bernice Top In Mustard IDR 195

Raven Skirt IDR 235

Raven Skirt IDR 235




Comforting Blues

Express your inner-denim-self with our many range of comfortable and trendy blue clothings.


Products Featured :

Ginza Dress In Dark Denim IDR 275

Wallace Dress IDR 275

Greece Dress IDR 275

Bertha Outer In Denim Blue IDR 275





Still in the holiday mood? Don’t be sad because we have wonderful new pieces!


Products Featured :

Gwyneth Dress In Denim Blue IDR 295

Lincoln Tunic In Green IDR 250

Rusell Dress In Navy IDR 265

Chantal Dress In Nude IDR 265

Blythe Top In White IDR 225

Loewy Blouse In White IDR 225

Furion Pants IDR 275

Nancy Skirt IDR 200




B&W Matters

Remain classic with our black and white collection that will add style and sophistication into your look.


Products Featured :

Rayne Blouse In White IDR 210

Elodie Short In Black IDR 195

Sophie Dress In White IDR 265

Tiffany Blouse In White IDR 225

Ramona Dress In Black IDR 250

Chasidy Blouse In Black IDR 250

Kiera Top In Grey IDR 200

Hilary Skirt IDR 250

Yvone Top In White IDR 200

Livia Top In Black IDR 185




Dreamy Denim 

As a general rule, lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body parts they cover, while darker washes create a magic effect.


Products Featured :

Aurelia Tied Blouse In White IDR 200

Denim Skirt Dungarees In Dark Blue IDR 265

Playful Denim Long Jumpsuit In Blue IDR 275

Lexy Denim Offshoulder Dress In Light Blue IDR 275




The Crochet Way

Embrace the heat in open modernize weave crochets.


Products Featured :

Crochet Tassel Top In Blue IDR 200

Crochet Layered Bardot Top In Pink IDR 200

Eyelet Everyday Blouse In Grey IDR 210

Off Your Shoulder Crochet Romper In White IDR 250




Channel your inner minimalist with these amazing styles.


Products Featured :

Relaxed Square Blouse In Black IDR 195

Naomi Side Gathered Blouse In Grey IDR 225

Vera Sexy Back Jumpsuit In White IDR 275





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